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Property Management and Facilities Management company introducing international best practices in

Sri Lanka to Protect your investments + Creating Value

Why we believe IPERFORM is the
unique and the most qualified
organization in Sri Lanka not only to perform
the services but also to exceed your expectations

Protecting Investment and Creating Value

As the Property Manager, our primary goals are create a happy living environment, to protect your investments and create value. We do this by applying our vast experience in engineering and technical knowhow to maintain your facilities and services to best in class international standards; implementing and enforcing house rules; taking ownership and applying a problem solving mindset; ensuring excellent relationship with CMA; preparing and managing AGMs with high attendance; ensuring excellent communication with residents and implementing initiatives that promote a harmonious living environment.

“Best in Class” International Experience

We will deploy a highly experienced team who will bring “best in class” international experience, hands-on knowledge and technical expertise in every aspect of hard and soft services, regulatory compliance, stakeholders’ coordination, communication with residents, management of by-laws and house rules and a professional and ethical conduct. We believe in taking ownership and responsibility and executing our work with passion and integrity.


We provide "out of the box" creative solutions protect the value of your investments and also promote a happy and harmonious community living. In consultation with Management Council, we will plan and implement events, and social activities to establish a happy and beautiful community. 

We bring
Up-to-date Technology 

We will customized and implement a dedicated property management tools to manage, testing, and commissioning and tracking defects and to manage our daily operations. 


Refer to our Integrated Information Technology system specifically developed by our sister ARSA Indonesia.

What they say about IPERFORM

“We have found them to be professional, sincere and dedicated. We are also pleased that within a short period of time they were able to transition smoothly and impement a number of improvements.”

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Former Chairman

Sky Gardens Rajagiriya

“I wish to place on record my sincere appreciation of the excellent follow up work done by IPERFORM in getting this rectified. Thanks everyone who were responsible”

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Former Secretary 

Sky Gardens Rajagiriya

“I noticed a high degree of team work, rational scientific approach to solving problems, using expertise from various sources, going out of the way to bring support and staying focused while there is pressure. The team ought to be recognized!.”

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Former Secretary 

Sky Gardens Rajagiriya

“We are very pleased to say that IPERFORM has been working enthusiastically and diligently to drive the progress of balance works by the developer, preparing and implementing the house rules/b laws, preparing the annual budget and management fee calculation, invoicing and collection and in consultation with management council selecting, appointing and managing the AMC contractors. IPERFORM also took the initiative to create and implement a new brand identity for our development. We have found IPERFORM to be an honest, professional, and technically competent organization with a passion to implement international standards and best practices in their day to day work. ”

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Alfred Towers, Colombo 03

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27/5, Rosmead Place, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka

+94 76 139 3848

Image by Chamindu Perera
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