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Renovated Building
Renovated Building

Comprehensive Property Management

Residents Services

  • Managing all communication with Residents on behalf of the Management Council with regard to building administration

  • Implementing and administration of House Rules, policies, and procedures in consultation with the Management Council to facilitate harmonious living 

  • Registration of new apartment owners/tenants and managing moving in/out according to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

  • Familiarizing Residents with House Rules

  • Familiarizing Residents with fire safety plans and drills

  • Maintaining up-to-date Residence Information Database as per SOPs


Engineering & Maintenance

Managing the Third Party Service Providers and Annual Maintenance Contractors appointed by the Management Council for the following :


  • Building Security

  • Environmental and Pest Control Services

  • Housekeeping and Janitorial Services

  • Gardens and landscapes

  • Fire Protection System Maintenance

  • Common Air Conditioners

  • Gym Equipment

  • CCTV System

  • Generator Maintenance

  • Elevator Maintenance

  • Pool Maintenance

  • Electrical systems maintenance

  • Water Treatment Plant / Sewage Treatment Plant Maintenance

  • Other Services


Managing minor repair and building upkeep works

Accounting Services

  • Budgeting, Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Cash Management

  • Preparation of annual budgets and submission to the Management Council for approval

  • Managing costs within the approved budgets

  • Calculation of management fees (services charges), sinking fund, and other charges

  • Invoicing Residents (owners) for management fees, sinking fund, and other charges

  • Follow up and collection of management fees, sinking fund, and other charges

  • Processing vendor payments according to the SOPs and approval procedures

  • Cash and bank administration

  • Preparation of monthly management accounts and reports

  • Preparation of annual accounts, coordination with statutory auditors, and filings

Statutory Compliance and Coordination with Condominium Management Authority

Assisting Management Council with regular management meetings, preparation and circulation of meeting minutes, and follow-up on actions arising.
Assisting Management Council with the planning of Annual General Meetings, preparation of comprehensive documents mentioned below, issuing notice to Members (apartment owners), canvassing participation, inviting Condominium Management Authority participation, assisting AGM meeting procedures, recording and validation of voting procedures, preparation of AGM minutes and submitting all necessary documents to CMA.

AGM Documentation:

  • Notice & Agenda

  • Cover Letter to Homeowners

  • Invitation letter to CMA

  • AGM Report

  • Nomination Form

  • Proxy Form

  • Poll Card

Hand Over/ Take Over from Developers


Unlike other management companies in Sri Lanka, IPERFORM brings extensive civil engineering, mechanical, plumbing, and technical experience. We will not only deploy experienced staff but will also bring our own SOPs, Systems, Tools, Checklists, and Processes to implement an orderly handover - takeover process from Main Contractor.

This will ensure a robust, orderly, and well-documented inspection, testing, commissioning, and taking over the following:


  • Civil Structures

  • MEP Facilities

  • Fire Protection and Fire Alarm Systems

  • IT Systems

  • Residential Common Facilities

  • MLCP Multi-Level Car Park

  • Road Way Systems

  • Security and CCTV Systems

  • Swimming Pools and Gardens

  • Waste and Environmental Management

  • Individual Residential Homes

  • As-Built Drawings

  • Statutory Certificates for safe occupation

  • Spares and supplies

  • Operating Manuals for plant and equipment from OEM, Original Equipment Manufacturers

  • Equipment maintenance checklists from OEM to ensure safe operations and warranty compliance

  • OEM’s Plant and equipment planned and preventive maintenance programs

Business Plan
Business Plan
Construction Managers

Programme Management & Project Management

  • Master Planning 

  • Project Approvals

  • Owner Estimates 

  • Project Planning and Schedule

  • Budget, Tender Preparation and Negotiations 

  • Project Control and Reporting 

  • Health, Safety and Environmental Management 

  • Quality Control and Quality Assurance 

  • Project Management 

  • Construction Management 

  • Procurement 

  • Contracts Administration 

  • Change Control and Change Management 

  • Testing and Commissioning 

  • Activation and Transfer 

  • DLP Support Services 

  • Document Management and Handing Over

Design Magazine
Design Magazine
Art Magazines

Brand Development & Communication

We believe that owners must not only expect the property manager to manage the facilities and services efficiently but also must contribute to protecting their investments.


We bring creative and out-of-box solutions to every communication need. IPERFORM brings its own in-house media department and we are experts in creating unique brand identities, and developing exclusive content for publications, and events for residents to promote a happy and harmonious community living. 


IPERFORM Media team designs and publishes exclusive, professionally designed magazines for the residents.  We organize activities and unique events for the residents in consultation with Management Council to promote a happy and positive environment, build the brand and enhance the value of your properties. 


These are a few unique capabilities of IPERFORM that make us the Best in Class property management company in Sri Lanka and in Indonesia. 

Business representative
Business representative


  • Investing in Sri Lanka

  • Projects Evaluation 

  • Partner Due Diligence and Selection 

  • Branding and Marketing Strategies 

  • Projects Acquisition 

  • Project Finance 

  • Project Implementation 

  • Operations Advisory 

  • Monetization of Investments 

  • Repatriation

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