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Alfred Towers

Consisting of 63 residential units at the prestigious Alfred House Gardens, Colombo 03

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Property Management Services 

IPERFORM was appointed as the property manager of the prestigious Alfred Towers in June 2022. We are successfully managing the facilities with providing best in class services as follows.  

  • Managing the Third Party Service Providers and Annual Maintenance Contractors

  • Undertaking minor repair and minor building upkeep works

  • Managing communication with Residents and the administration of House Rules, policies and

  • Follow up and collection of management fees, sinking fund, and other charges

  • Implementing and managing emergency evacuations plan and procedures due to fire and other

  • Implementing and managing procedures relating to residents moving in / moving out

  • Submitting weekly progress reports to Management Council

  • Assisting Management Council for the communication with Condominium Management

  • Arranging and conducting monthly Management Council meetings, preparation of meeting
    minutes and follow up on the actions arising

  • Assisting Management Council with the planning of Annual General Meetings, preparation of
    comprehensive documents, issuing notice to Members (owners), canvassing participation, inviting Condominium Management Authority participation, and assisting AGM meeting procedures, recording, and validation of voting procedures, preparation of AGM
    minutes and submitting all necessary documents to CMA

  • Budgets Preparation

Handover - Takeover of Infrastructure and Equipment from Main Contractor

Unlike other management companies in Sri Lanka, IPERFORM brings extensive civil engineering, mechanical, plumbing, and technical experience. We will not only deploy experienced staff but we will also bring our own SOPs, Systems, Tools, Checklists, and Processes to implement and orderly handover - takeover process from Main Contractor.

  • Civil Structures

  • MEP Facilities

  • Fire Protection and Fire Alarm Systems

  • IT Systems

  • Residential Common Facilities

  • MLCP Multi Level Car Park

  • Road Way Systems

  • Security and CCTV Systems

  • Swimming Pools and Gardens

  • OEM’s Plant and equipment planned and preventive maintenance programs

  • Waste & Environmental Management

  • Individual Residential Homes

  • As Built Drawings

  • Statutory Certificates for safe occupation

  • Spares and supplies

  • Operating Manuals for plant and equipment from OEM, Original Equipment

  • Equipment maintenance checklists from OEM to ensure safe operations and warranty


Landscaping Services 

IPERFORM's dedicated and well-experienced senior gardener is responsible for the below activities to maintain the beauty of the gardens.

  • Cleaning

  • Watering

  • Weeding

  • Soil Loosening

  • Pruning Branches 

  • Trimming Shrubs

  • Spraying Insecticides 

  • Applying Fertilizers

  • Soil and Manure

  • Supervision and Quality Control

  • Reporting

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Logo and Brand Designing

IPERFORM's media unit has created a unique brand identity for the prestigious Alfred Towers.

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